Our FIRST Weekly Dose

hawaii teams during kick off

January 16, 2014

by Therese B.

As the kick-off has begun, what has team 2504 been up to? After interviewing our electrical, mechanical, and PR department, we’ve found the following:


The 2015 FRC Game: Recycle Rush

recycle rush logo

January 3, 2014
by Sarah J.

This year's game is rubbish...literally.

You'd think that this year's game would be another sport. Think again. FRC teams have now turned into the recyclists of the future.

Mochi Ice Cream Fundraiser

mochi ice cream

March 20, 2014
by Fara L.

After a great success with our first Mochi Ice Cream Fundraiser last season, it was common sense to yet again order another one for this year. Mochi Ice Cream has yet again been asked for with high demand.

This year, our team mixed up the flavors so that it could benefit other buyers and catch the attention of those who want different ones. They were: Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Chocolate Espresso, and Green Tea.

Sealed with a Ki…Bag and Tag

sealed robot

March 19, 2014
by Mc Neil R.

Crunch time is definitely crunch time.

As the last few days went by, the team focused every bit on their final touches before sealing the robot, and saying farewell. Well, for now anyway.

Like every season, at the end of the six grueling weeks—which we call Stop Build Day—the team has to seal their robot at the end of the day by 11:59 PM. The robot must be sealed with a bag and tag and never again be touched by the hands of team. Until, of course, the actual regional.

We End in SIX

week 6 photo

March 19, 2014
by Mc Neil R.

The moment has come and passed. The final week of build season. (It is the final week, but you know, there’s that time for crunch time.)

The team has come together, rather quickly, this week to ensure that everything is fine and working. Almost final touches were made to things the team has created, and there were also final decisions that had been made!

Mechanical Team


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